Between the Folds of Hate

frogiveness Nov 06, 2020
There are shadows lurking between the folds of our suffering and our joy. As the nation teeters upon the pivot of a calamitous history we are burdened unlike any time our living eyes have seen. Blinded by longer eves of irreversible division. I dare to say that much is at stake, more than we care to collectively admit.
We must begin to accept that the riders are mounting their horses, the willing are preparing their fortitude, and the Warriors are beginning to stir. The brink is burning its way over our unrestrained horizons, too soon to become a sight for these weary eyes. The winds of democracy may be laced with the flames of hate. 
Forgive them, for they know not what they do. 
It is upon us to allow the treacherous, uncharted legal battles to take place. To resist the pull of evil, tearing its way through our ranks. We must trust that truth shall dawn the dark days ahead. And that we as the United States shall not pull our sacred scars apart by...
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