"To find purpose in life, we must seek to understand the human condition."

- David Rutherford

Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor, World Championship Performance Coach, Award-Winning Podcast Host, Best-Selling Author

The Froglogic Triad

The Froglogic Institute is dedicated to providing humanistic curriculum rooted in the triad. Since the dawn of philosophical thought, we have been asking ourselves two main questions. Who am I? Why am I here?

Throughout recorded history, both Poets and Warriors alike have searched to discover the meaning of life by willingly walking down the pathway of pain. In order to understand why we suffer, we must be willing to apply positive pain across the planes of our existence.

We prepare ourselves for the unrelenting truths to be self-evident by focusing our growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Instructor Rut will guide you through each course at the Froglogic Institute to help you succeed.


Our courses explore the most extreme environments imaginable and offer proven training concepts that enable individuals and teams a pathway through the pain.


"Once you've learned how to embrace your fears then you must learn to forge your self-confidence against the anvil of positive pain."

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"With fear in check, and a strong self-confidence, now it's time to become selfless by living the Team Life."

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"With Fear, Confidence, and your Team in place, now you're ready to discover your true pathway of purpose."

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Our four initial training programs will expose students to 22 total Missions that will help guide them towards discovering their pathway of purpose. Join the Froglogic Institute and learn how to Embrace Fear, Forge Self-Confidence, Live the Team Life, and finally, to Live With Purpose.

"I can't stop thinking about David's powerful presentation. To say that it inspired me is an understatement. His faith, morale code and belief system really hit home and can be used every day of our lives"

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