Letter to America

froglogic Feb 24, 2021

 Dear America,

We are now, with great trepidation, standing on the precipice of unchartered history, and regardless of our self-evident truths and hemorrhaging prayers we must dutifully acknowledge the dawn of our own undoing is upon us. Think not of Concord and Lexington, nor Shiloh or Gettysburg, and most certainly stay clear of Normandy and Iwo Jima, but with great focus lay your mind upon the future battlefields where the screams of young men cannot be heard because they have been silenced. It is our free exercise of ideas that is being gutted, exsanguinate if you will of the very essence of our grievances. To you I can only ask to ponder the pages of our imminent States and ask yourself what shall be written?

The wheels of our progressive progression are in full spin. Twisting the unwitting into believing that silence is golden and the pulpit of sedition shall be removed once the rituals have taken place. Yet, there are no moments from our hallowed past that should give way to our unbridled release of all that has been earned through the blood of our youth. In fact, it would seem most hospitable if we were to take a moment, a pregnant pause, to contemplate the value of their voices. Not just any voice, but the voice of a Patriot.

What vigor is born within your soul when you summon the great words of George Washington? Perhaps is with great reliance upon the true providence of our beliefs that we shall in harmony sing the songs of Lincoln together and out loud. Yes, these and many more have spoken to the convictions that humanity so desperately needed in defiance of tyranny. What say you? What will you say before, during, and after the mob has silenced your right to speak? Listen quietly, as the call to action is pressed against the fading winds of liberty.

I can hear you America. The rumbling is real. There is great strength and sound woven into the bells for whom we shall be tolled. Let them ring and reverberate into your voice as the notes of our great anthems have for centuries. Your resonance is the reason that shall be provided for the choir of our patriotic duties. Our voice shall let freedom ring, unchained from the bondage of ideological indoctrination. We must sing.

Allow me to close this ponderous prose by not only seeking your committed patriotism, but also your unending promise. I ask that you not be silenced. I ask you that you willfully move yourself to rise and walk the righteous path of pain. The path that has been well traveled throughout our storied history. Although the troop paths from our past are overgrown with time and ignorance, should you choose to place your ear to the ground you can still hear the voices calling upon us to do the right thing. To speak the truth.

With solemn regards,

David Rutherford


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